Circular (UW) 09/2012 Iran Sanctions - EU Council Regulation 267/2012-Exports of crede oil and petroleum products from Iran - prohibitions with effect from 1 July 2012


There has been some peculation in the midia of a possible deferreal of the implementation date for the prohibitions, the Council of the European Union issued a press release on 25 June confirming that the exemptions relating to pre-23 January 2012 contracts for importing and Iranian oil by EU regulated insurers will cease and such activities will be prohibited (as provided for under the Regulations) with effect from 1 July 2012.

Circular (UW) 05/2012 EU Council Regulation 267 confirms sanctions on Iran oil transport


The EU Council has now agreed a Regulation to implement enhanced sanctions against Iran, including a ban on transport of Iranian crude, petroleum products and petro-chemical products, as was expected in the light of the EU Decision of 23 January.

Circular (CLM) 19/2011 Inter-Club New York Produce Exchange Agreement 1996 (as amended Suptember 2011)


The Inter-Club New York Produce Exchange Agreement, which was first formulated and entered into by Clubs in 1970 (the ICA), provides a relatively simple mechanism whereby liability for cargo claims arising under New York Produce Exchange Form (NYPE) or Asbatime charterparties and/or contracts of carriage authorised under such carterparties, cna be swiftyly and fairly apportioned between Owners and Charterers.

Circular (CLM) 18/2011 Charterparty Clause - Indemnity for Insured risks


The Club has recently been made aware of a clause that some charterers have been seeking to incorporate into their charterparties, in particular in the container trades. For the reasons set out below the clause has the potential to prejudice an Owners P&I cover and should not be agreed without considering the full implications of doing so.

Circular (UW) 05/2011 Syria - Expansion of Sanctions by EU and US


There is a general consensus amongst many governments around the world that further economic and political pressure needs to be brought to bear on Syria's leaders in order to bring about political change and a peaceful end to the civil unrest in that country.

Circular (CLM) 15/2011 Carriage of Calcium Hypochlorite - Frequently Asked Questions


There have been several large fires in cargo vessels in the 1990's, which have been attributed to the carrriage of Calcium Hypochlorite.

Circular (CLM) 10/2011 THE REVISED STANDARD FORM LETTERS OF INDEMNITY Delivery of cargo without production of Bills of Lading


The Internaional Group of P&I Clubs (IG) revised the International Group Standard Form Letters of Indemnity on Delivery of Cargo without Production of Bills of Lading in February, 2001.

Circular (CLM) 08/2011 Revised Himalaya Clause for Bills of Lading and other Contracts


The International Group of P&I Clubs (IG) and BIMCO have completed a review of the Himalaya clause for use in bills of lading and other contracts and as a result have drafted a revised Himalaya clause (the Clause).


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