Circular (CLM) 10/2014 Update - Sanctions in Respect of Ukraine


In response to resent actions oand use of violence in Ukraine both the EU and the US have introduced samctions which are limited to targeting certain individuals. There are currently no measures aimed specifically at shipping or insurance. However, members and assured with vessels calling at ports in Ukraine should ensure that no sanctioned individuals or entities are involved.

Circular (CLM) 06/2014 Gulf of Guinea - Expansion of Piracy Area


This Risk Alert outlines the apparently expanding area of concern beyond the Gulf of Guinea and offers practical ways of mitigating the threat.

Circular (UW) 05/2014 Sanctions in Respect of Ukraine


Both the European Union and the United States have recently announced the imposition of limited sanctions in respect of Ukraine.

Circular (UW) 03/2014 US/EU Iran sanctions - urgent update - Six month suspension of insurance prohibitions 20/01/14 to 20/07/14


Following the US/EU announcements (and publication of relevant regulations/guidance) of a six-month suspension of current sanctions measures relating to certain trade with Iran, including sanctions targeted at insurance arrangements as reported in the club circular issued on 19 January 2014 the International Group has been continuing engagement with the relevant US and EU regulators regarding the intended operation of the suspension of insurance sanctions.

Circular (UW) 02/2014 Iran sanctions update


This Circular addresses the anticipated changes in EU and US sanctions measures relating principally to transportation and insurance of oil, petroleum and petrochemical cargoes from Iran.

Circular (CLM) 16/2013 Coal from Kalimantan, Indonesia - Revision of Surveyor Requirement


According to recent statistical information, the number of self-heating indicents arising while loading coal from ports in Kalimantan Province, Indonesia appears to have fallen. Consequently Members are no longer required to appoint a surveyor at the load port.

Circular (CLM) 15/2013 Carriage of Coal Cargoes from Kalimantn, Indonesia - Self Heating and Requirement to Survey ( re-issued)


The Club has recently been advised by consulting scientists and engineers Dr. J H burgoyne and Partners (International) Limited that the number of indicents involving the self-heating of coal cargoes loaded in Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) is increasing.


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