China Shipowners Mutual Assurance Association (also known as China P&I Club, CPI or the Association), founded in Beijing on 1 January 1984 under the approval of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, is a non-profit mutual marine insurance organization. The Association safeguards the prestige and interests of its members under the laws and regulations of China, as well as the applicable international laws and practices. The Association is registered as a social organization at the Ministry of Civil Affairs in accordance with regulations of the State Council, and under the supervision and operational guidance of the Ministry of Transport of China.

China P&I Club provides its members with a package insurance solution, which includes one-stop claims handling service and a variety of insurance products such as P&I, Hull & Machinery, FD&D, Charterers Liability Covers and War Risks. Over the past 36 years, the Association has become an internationalised P&I Club with 188 members and over 65 million GT P&I Entered Tonnage. Members include China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, China Merchants Group,  Shandong Shipping, Fujian Guohang Ocean Shipping, Ocean Longevity, Seaspan, Nanjing Ocean Shipping, Cheng Xin Ship Management, Greathorse, Jiangsu Huaxi Ship ManagementChinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping, HTM Shipping, Shanghai Junzheng Logistics, IMC Group, OOCL, PIL, Winning International Group. China P&I Club is the largest P&I insurer in China and ranks 10th among its global peers in terms of total entered tonnage (GT). The Association’s marine hull business has also achieved significant growth after 22 years, owing to a successful one-stop service concept and reputation built throughout the years, the Association has now become one of the leading underwriters in China’s marine hull market.

In order to contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative and support the development of the Shanghai International Finance and Shipping Centre, the Association completed its functional transfer to Shanghai and set up its management company – China P&I Management Co., Ltd. in 2017. China P&I Club now has a comprehensive operation configuration with its headquarter and top management based in Shanghai, regional services companies stationed in Beijing, Dalian and Qingdao and exclusive claims services companies set up in Hong Kong, London and Singapore (China P&I Services (Hong Kong) Ltd., CPI Services (UK) Ltd. and CPI (SGP) Services Pte. Ltd.). Meanwhile, the Association has set up a global network of over 430 correspondents with long term co-operations deployed in over 140 countries and regions. This highly efficient network ensures that members can receive immediate professional assistance in case of emergency, such as appointment of surveyors, evidential investigation, claims handling, loss prevention and legal advice. Over the years, China P&I Club has recruited and fostered qualified professionals, and has built a managing and service team with extraordinary expertise.

While focused on providing quality services to existing members, the Association has also been actively expanding overseas. The proportion of international tonnages has witnessed steady increase in recent years. Guided by the strategy of “professionalism, market-orientation and internationalisation”, the Association integrates international practices which is evident in the Association’s professional, efficient, high-quality and reliable service to members worldwide.




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