Asia Gypsy Moth

2017-03-07 10:49:13

Risk period of the Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) recently begins in several countries, many regulatory actions and inspections have been introduced to manage and control the risks.

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Zika Virus

2016-09-26 16:59:36

The Zika virus outbreak continues spread throughout the world. To prevent the Zika Virus outbreak between the countries, a series of preventive measures are issued by the authorities of the relevent countries.

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Advisory on Carriage of Grain in Bulk (Soybean)

2016-09-26 15:03:06

The Association recently received many large claims arising from soybean damage. The soyabeans were mainly originated from South America. The high moisure caused self-heating of cargo during the voyage. The cargo was found mold, caked and discolored updischarge. The Association has issued loss prevention notes on this issue.

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2016-05-30 15:29:39

Information of piracy incidents, essential precautions & preparation, and loss prevention advisories against piracy. The Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, Southeast Asia and Mediterranean sea are high risk area of piracy.

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Safe Carriage of Cargoes which may liquefy

2016-05-30 15:25:53

In recent years, there were several cases of bulk solid cargo liquefaction owing to excessive moisture. The safety of vessel, cargo and crew members were seriously jeopardized. Necessary actions should be taken in precaution for safety carriage of such cargo.

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