LP 76/2016 Follow-up Developments on Implementing Low Sulphur Content Fuel Requirement in Shenzhen Port, China


Reference is made to our previous circulars on ECA issue in China, wherein we advised that Chinese authorities decided to implement higher requirement on using low sulphur content fuel (not exceeding 0.5%mm) in key ports within Yangtze ECA including Shanghai, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Suzhou and Nantong from 01 April 2016. Recently local authorities in Shenzhen made a similar decision and intend to adopt higher requirement on using low sulphur content fuel (not exceeding 0.5%mm) during ships berthing at Shenzhen port from 01 Oct 2016.


According to the information we obtained, in Pearl River Delta ECA, only at Shenzhen port such requirement will be implemented in advance, namely, from 01st October 2016; whilst at other key ports within Pearl River Delta ECA, such requirement will still be implemented from 01st January 2017 as per original schedule of China MSA. As advised by Shenzhen MSA, they are now working out details on these requirements and plan to issue a formal notice in the end of this month.


Reportedly Shenzhen port has ten berths that are equipped with shore power facilities, which can be used during vessels berthing as an alternative of low sulphur fuel requirement.  


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