President of Shanghai Maritime University Prof. Lu Jing Leads Visit to CPI


On 15 July, the President of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) Prof. Lu Jing led visit to CPI, and both sides exchanged views on all levels and in all fields to enhance cooperation. The Director of SMU President Office Ms. Li Xinwei, Dean of School of Law Prof. Wang Guohua, Director of Development and Planning Office Ms. Zhang Lijuan, CPI Managing Director Dr. Song Chunfeng, CPI Deputy Managing Director Mr. Liu Yutong, and CPI Deputy Managing Director Mr. Gong Xiqian attended the meeting.


Managing Director Dr. Song Chunfeng warmly welcomed President Prof. Lu Jing and the team, and expressed his appreciation for the support from SMU. Dr. Song introduced the history of CPI and the current development situation. Since the signing of the cooperation framework agreement in 2017, both sides have achieved remarkable results in various levels and fields. The Association will continue to deepen the communication and cooperation with SMU to create a model of school-enterprise cooperation, and jointly pool wisdom and strength, so as to contribute to the cultivation of talent and development of the shipping industry.


SMU President Prof. Lu Jing spoke highly of the development and accomplishments of the Association. He introduced the education philosophy, professional cultivation system, and strengths of SMU. He said, SMU is moving towards establishing itself as a world-renowned maritime university. In order to provide solid talent and intellectual support for a strong maritime country and Shanghai International Shipping Centre, he hoped that both sides use their strengths to further broaden the field of cooperation.


During the meeting, CPI and SMU fully discussed and exchanged views on the construction of education institution, cooperation of academic research, cooperation of students’ internship programs. Both sides reached a series of agreements that the construction of “soft environment” and soft power are necessary for the strong maritime country and Shanghai International Shipping Centre, which play significant roles in the maritime service industry. Both sides will further cooperate on the combination of maritime education and practice in shipping industry to further enhance the comprehensive quality and competitiveness of maritime professionals.


After the meeting, Prof. Lu Jing awarded the representatives of SMU external tutor, and examined an online information system regarding CPI Members’ vessels.


Deputy Director of SMU President Office Mr. Qin Liqing, Director of General Affairs Department, SMU Alumni Office Ms. Chen Jiaer, Director of Cooperation and Development Department, SMU Alumni Office Ms. Ji Jia, and representatives of CPI Human Resources Department and CPI Strategy / Risk & Compliance Department were in attendance.

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