LP 05/2020 Prevention and Control by World Port Authorities in Relation to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia


With COVID-19 spreading globally and since its outbreak declared a PHEIC by the WHO, preventive actions are taken around the world to curb wider spread of the virus. The Club has recently been approached by members asking for special restrictions in foreign ports at such time. Accordingly, this article is prepared after consulting local correspondents to inform the members of such regluations in 14 neighboring countries.

n  Japan

Currently, the Japanese government is just mentioning about air crafts and vessels which are carrying persons who have been to Wuhan City. In case that the vessel has ill crew(s) (mainly fever), the vessel has to report to Quarantine office after checking on such crew’s history of stay in Wuhan City and contact with infected persons within the last 14 days.

If such crew is on board, following items should be investigated:

1.        Name and Nationality;

2.        Contact details;

3.        Seat Number (in case of Passenger vessel or Air craft);

4.        Staying plan in Japan;

5.        The number of accompanying (if any);

6.        Planned departure date and Flight No. (if the person will be leave from Japan by Air craft);

7.        Language in which conversation is possible.

Source: Japan Correspondent ISS

n  South Korea

The Korean government has upgraded the crisis level from caution to alert.

As of 28 Jan 2020, all crew and passengers aboard the vessels which departed or came through China should be prepared to report the following documents to quarantine officers who will board a vessel:

1.        Health Condition Questionnaire;

2.        Vessel Sanitation Condition Report;

3.        Ship’s logbook;

4.        Crew and Passenger List;

5.        Medical daily.

Body temperatures will be measured by quarantine officers onboard.

In addition, any foreignors coming from Hubei province of China are banned to enter South Korea. If Koreans coming from Hubei province of China will be isolated for 14 days upon entering Korea.

Source: South Korea Correspondent KOMOS

n  Russia

No special restricions on Chinese-flagged vessels entering Russia have been identified. All crewmembers suspected to be infected with NCP are allowed to disembark and receive medical treatment by a special team of medical staff.

Also, Russia by the moment has put no limitation on the ship’s regular operations including cargo-related activities, ship repairment, crew replacement and taking supplies.

Source: Russia Correspondent Antarica Group

n  Philippines

A. For Cruise Vessel

A.1  All Cruise Ships with passengers, regardless of nationality, from China, Macau and Hong Kong SAR or had passed through in the past 14 days are not allowed to dock at any Philippine port.

A.2  All Cruise Ships not calling on the ports of China, Macau and Hong Kong SAR within the last 14 days are allowed to dock in Philippine ports after complete screening measures and submission of duly-accomplished Maritime Declaration of Health.

A.3  All Cruise Ships allowed to dock must declare all travel itineraries/excursions in the Philippines.

A.4  The master of vessel must report immediately any occurrence of flu-like symptoms (e.g fever, cough, colds, body weakness and diffuculty of breathing). In any event of flu like manifestation arise, the master must immediately report to the Quarantine Medical Officer (QMO) for guidance on implementing infection prevention and control protocols to minimize the spread of infection on board.

A.5  The QMO will conduct triaging of cases using current Case Definition.

A.6  No Filipinos are allowed to embark in any cruise ship going to China.

B. For Cargo Vessels

B.1  All vessels calling from China, including Hong Kong and Macau SAR, in the past 14 days must be boarded at the quarantine anchorage.

B.2  Upon arrival at quarantine anchorage, the master of vessel must hoist at its foremast the yellow flag and inform immediately the Quarantine station at assigned port through ship agents. Strictly no embarkation/disembarkation policy.

B.3  Quarantine Boarding formalities shall ensue – the master of the vessel shall submit a duly accomplished Maritime Declaration of Health and BOQ shall issue free pratique. Other boarding formalotoes shall commence.

B.4  Vessels cleared at the first port of entry and calling another local port, which within the past 14 days travelled from China, Hong Kong and Macau SAR, must be boarded at the designated Quarantine anchorage area by QMO, submit duly-accomplished Maritime Declaration of Health and other pertinent documents.

B.5  The master of vessel must report immediately any occurrence of flu-like symptoms (e.g fever, cough, colds, body weakness and diffuculty of breathing). In any event of flu like manifestation arise, the master must immediately report to the Quarantine Medical Officer (QMO) for guidance on implementing infection prevention and control protocols to minimize the spread of infection on board.

B.6  The QMO will conduct triaging of cases using current Case Definition.

B.7  Ship agent of Vessel with PUI situated in a non-competent port will arrange the immediate diversion of the vessel to the nearest competent port.

B.8  PUI in a competent port will be conducted to a dedicated hospital and the vessel will be declared as affected vessel. A confirmed laboratory result of case will commence a 14-day quarantine at the anchorage and hoist the Lima flag. Day zero starts at the conduction of the PUI. On the 14th day, the QMO will board the vessel, examine the documents, muster the crew and issue a free pratique. The master of vessel may then lower down yellow flag, and other formalities will commence.

C. General Preventive Measures

C.1  Continue hygienic practices and sanitary measures at all times.

C.2  Waste disposal of vessels coming in from China, including Hong Kong and Macau SAR, in the past 14 days, are not allowed in Philippine ports.

Source: Department of Health, 04 February 2020

n  Thailand

-          Agents are instructed to submit crew list, info on previous port of call and crew’s body temperature 24 hrs prior to arrival in Thailand to the authority;

-          If vessel/crew have history of being in China in the past 14 days and/or crew having temperature over 37.5C, medical team will be attend onboard for checking;

-          Crew with high body temperature will be disembarked/sent to hospital while vessel will be under quarantine for 14 days.

-          Crew suspected of NCP infections will be sent to designated hospitals for isolation and treatment.

Source: Thailand Correspondent Thai P&I Services

n  Vietnam

-          The Ho Chi Minh City International Health Quarantine Center (HQC) requires declaration of medical forms, which will be sent to shipping agency companies. Shipping agents that transfer the medical declaration form to the ship to make the declaration before coming to Vietnam; Each person on the ship declares 01 sheet. The ships must report when the medical report is within 14 days before arriving in Ho Chi Minh City when someone on board has been to China (including Hong Kong).

-          The medical quarantine team on duty in Vung Tau receives and examines the declaration; If necessary, a physical inspection will be carried out when the vessel is docked at the anchor in Vung Tau.

-          People on entry with suspected factors of nCoV will be transferred to the hospital for isolation and diagnostic testing. Ships suspected of having nCoV will be isolated in order to avoid spreading the disease and be disinfected to kill the pathogen.

-          The center is also proposing the Border Gate of Ho Chi Minh City Port to support the entry procedures for people on board suspected of having nCoV so that they can be quickly transferred to the hospital for isolation, assistance to isolate the ship when there is a suspected case of disease on the train.

-          HQC further requests pilotage companies to support medical quarantine in announcing the time of arrival of ships and support canoes to update.

-          In addition, when the ship is anchored at the port, if detecting a person with symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please notify the quarantine officer who is on duty at the Maritime Port Authority.


Vung Tau Port Authority

-          The Vung Tau Port Authority is focusing on supervising closely vessels and crew members of Chinese nationality or ships from the nCov areas.

-          All local agents shall actively grasp the ship’s schedule before its arrival in Vietnam, the health status of crew members/passengers on board and discuss with the Border Guard to prevent crew members from going ashore.

-          For Chinese nationals, seafarers coming from China or coming from an epidemic area, it is necessary to ensure that the ship has been quarantined and inspected in Vietnam in the anchoring areas. Agents shall wear proper masks before boarding or interacting with seafarers.

-          Necessary preventive measures must be taken by officials returning shore before contacting with officials of the state management agencies or with anyone else.

Source: Vietnam Correspondent NSC

n  Singapore

-          Since 24 January 2020, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has implemented temperature screening at all sea checkpoints, including ferry and cruise terminals, PSA terminals and Jurong Port, for inbound travellers.

-          Some shipping companies have taken additional precautionary measures such as disallowing shore leave for personnel in China ports, mandatory temperature checks, keeping a log of crew movements and restricting staff travel to China.

-          In line with Singapore Ministry of Health’s (MOH) press release dated 31 January 2020 (Annex 1), the MPA will extend the precautionary measures to include passengers and crew members with recent travel history to mainland China within the last 14 days, as well as ships whose previous ports of call in the last 14 days included mainland China. This will take effect from 1 February 2020, 2359h.

-          Ships can continue to berth at terminals to carry out operations.

-          The National Environment Agency’s (NEA) Port Health requires all arriving vessels with crew and passengers that have called at ports in mainland China in the past 14 days to submit the Maritime Declaration of Health Form.

-          MPA further urges all crew members to take temperatures twice a day. If any of their crew or passengers are unwell, they should be isolated and the incident should be reported to the Marine Safety Control Centre at 6325 2488/2489.

-          Ships shall follow guidance on the disinfection protocols of common areas and rooms in the vessel.

-          Managers/supervisors of terminal operators, agents, contractors and service providers are to take note of the health advisory and bring it to the attention of staff who are required to work on board ships.

-          From 01 February 2020, 2359h, all new visitors with travel history to mainland China with the last 14 days will not be allowed entry into Sigapore or to transit through Singapore, which will affect crew changes and ship visits in Singapore.

Source: MPA Port Marine Circular 01 February 2020

n  Malaysia

-          The Marine Department of Malaysia has collaborated with the District/State Health Office and the Port Health Authority to monitor foreign tourists entering the country through the international passenger Terminal and the Cruise ship Terminal.

-          The Marine Department will inform the District/State Health Office and the Port Health Authority if they receive ship from China and if the crew originated from China. Further, the Port Health Authority will board the ship in the anchor area for the next health screening.

-          In the event of any suspected cases, the vessel will be quarantined at the prescribed quarantine area.

-          Crew members are not permitted to disembark in some ports.

Source: Malaysia Correspondent SPICA

n  Indonesia

-          The government has declared on Sunday, 01 February 2020 to ban all travel to and from China to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

-          The Ministry of Transportation/Directorate General of Sea Communications have obliged all vessels coming from China which will enter Indonesia should go through Quarantine Zone in line with the WHO regulations.

-          Officials from the Port Authorities will board vessels coming from China to check the health condition of the crew before the vessel is allowed to berth at the port.

-          The government is preparing hospitals to give medical treatments to anyone suspected of suffering from NCP.

Source: Indonesia Correspondent PT Polynesia Bhakti

n  Australia

-          Mandatory declaration of the last 5 ports of call and reporting of human health on board must be undertaken at least 12 hours prior to the vessels arrival into Australian territorial waters.

-          Masters of all ships berthing in Australian waters are required to report the health conditions of crew members to the port authority.

-          Where novel coronavirus is evident or suspected, seaport personnel and shore staff will not be required to board the vessel.

-          Port Authority will delay pilotage services to ships that have transited directly from China since 1 February, which have been at sea for less than the 14-day quarantine period.

-          If at any time a human health risk is reported, a biosecurity officer will conduct assessments on a case by case basis, and work with national and local health departments to manage risk to the ill persons and other crew, seaport personnel, border staff and health professionals.

Source: Australia’s Maritime Response, 31 January 2020

-          Any foreign travellers who have left or transited through mainland China on or after 1 February 2020 will be refused entry to Australia, in order to minimise the potential spread of novel coronavirus.

-          All vessel masters will be required to answer the following health screening questions as part of their entry reporting:

1) Have any persons left or transited through mainland China since 1 February 2020?

2) Have any persons become ill or shown signs of illness in the past 14 days?

-          Vessels that report ill persons will undergo a human health inspection by a Biosecurity Officer on arrival in Australia, and before the vessel is granted pratique.

-          For Commercial Vessels that departed mainland China prior to 1 February 2020, Standard Biosecurity requirements and restrictions will apply. Masters must still identify any ill traveller or member of the crew as part of pre-arrival report.

-          For Commercial Vessels that departed mainland China on or after 1 February 2020 and arrive within 14 days of last port being in mainland China, all crew will be restricted on-board while the vessel is berthed in Australia. Crew are only able to disembark to conduct essential vessel functions and crew must wear personal protective equipment while performing these functions. The restrictions above apply until 14 days has elapsed since the vessel or any person on board left mainland China.

-          For Commercial Vessels with crew joining from mainland China, where a commercial vessel has crew joining the vessel and that crew have travelled to or transited through mainland China on or since 1 February 2020, all crew are to remain on board the vessel. Crew are only able to disembark to conduct essential vessel functions and crew must wear personal protective equipment while performing these functions. The restrictions above apply until 14 days has elapsed since the vessel or any person on board left mainland China.

Source: Australian Border Force, 01 February 2020

n  India

PHO Mumbai, 23 January 2020

All Shipping Agencies are requested to submit vessel Maritime Declaration of Health along with all requisite documents well in advance for the vessel coming from China and Hong Kong for speedy clearance and if needed for any preventive/medical measures. Details of all crews/passengers including nationality, date and place of embarkation should be enclosed.

PHO Chennai & Ennore, Kattupalli, Karaikal, 24 January 2020

-          PILOTS: The pilots can board the vessel with the specific PHO instructions. They will alight to the bridge from the side steps and not through the Accommodation to the Bridge. The doors of the Bridge will be Kept open. The new crew who has joined will not assist the Pilot for the navigation or they will all have to wear a face mask and be 6 feet away from Pilot and other crew members. All Pilots must be given the masks, hand sanitizer, disposable unsterile gloves. All PPE items to be collected in a small bag for safe disposal to the Medical Department.

-          MEDICAL DEPARTMENT: To keep the Ambulance and Team with PPE Kit ready for transport of any sick crew from ships to the designated Hospital.

-          SHIPPING AGENTS: All the ships will be screened before arrival by email on the newly embarked crew members from Chinese Ports, or any Chinese Nationals joining the ship from any ports in the world or all crew of ships calling the ports in disease occurring countries. The attached documents to be given by email include the Crew List, Port of Call List, Maritime Declaration of Health, Medical Log and Ship Sanitation Exemption Certificate.

-          IMMIGRATION: All sick crew from Chennai and Ennore Ports are to be intimated to immigration for clearance for shore treatment. All permissions to non-essential visitors to the ships should be avoided. The details of all International visitors for Official trade purposes are to be shared by the Shipping Agent to PHO for clearance by email or mobile.

-          SHIP MASTER:

1) The ship Master are to submit the required documents by email minimum 2-3 days before arrival.

2) All ship calling from Chinese Ports are to give temperature report by email for 2 days before arrival or as instructed by email by PHO. The temperature to be measured by Ship designated Medical Officer with Non touch thermometers in small batches only. If the Mercury thermometer is used, to mention temperature taken in Axilla or Oral in your report. Necessary precautions to be taken to sanitize mercury thermometers between measurements.

3) All newly joined crew are to be monitored on board for 14 days.

4) If they develop any signs & symptoms of 2019-nCoV virus they are to be isolated on board and contact the RMA or nearest Port Health Authority.

5) The ship must have stocks of 3 layered surgical masks 30 per crew, hand wash liquid or hand soap 5 per crew, Hand Drying Paper roll for all common wash basins and toilets, 10 PPE kit for Infectious diseases, Bio Hazard Bags 25 pcs for safe disposal of masks, PPE kits.

6) All crew to follow the Respiratory and Hand Hygiene. If any sick persons are from shore all the crew are adviced to maintain 6 feet gap. If they are coughing, they may be given a mask during their work on board and restrict their entry into the ship.

7) All shore visitors are to be entertained at the meeting room only. Avoid non-essential visitors to the ship.

8) To keep record of all visitors from outside the vessel.

9) Keep track of the latest developments on the disease.

-          MINOR PORTS: As the minor ports are not having full time PHO by the Central Government, they are now followed up by the local health authority. The pre-arrival screening of the vessels of all ships to Kattupalli, Karaikal, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Pondicherry etc. will be followed up by email and assessed on their health status for berthing clearance or any special instructions for screening will be given for the ships. The local health authority will coordinate for follow up of those ships.

-          STEVEDORES: All the stevedores to ensure the sick employees are not allowed to board the vessel and keep track of all of them. They have to follow the Respiratory and Hand Hygiene. In case, any of them develop any symptoms of the nCoV virus disease they have to report to the Port Health Officer or to the Local Health Authority in Minor Ports.

PHO Marmagoa, 27 January 2020

-          All the ships which is touching Wuhan port or any port in China and has crew or passengers who has embarked from Wuhan city or has visited Whuan city or affected regions should be made aware about the novel coronavirus by email by the respective shipping agents.

-          Any passengers or crew members who voluntarily report with symptoms can be referred to PHO for shifting them to recognized hospital for isolation and treatment, if required.

-          A certificate is required from the ships master or doctor to the effect that none of the crews and passengers have visited the affected countries and are not suffering from novel coronavirus disease.

-          Ship masters are to submit the Maritime Declaration of Health prior to arrival with the Crew/Passenger List and Port of Call List. Details of the Chinese crews/passengers and of other nationalities along with their embarkation date and place must be made available.

-          Proper personal hygiene and respiratory etiquette has to be followed by all stakeholders.

Panaji Port Department, 30 January 2020

-          All vessels should submit the Maritime Declaration of Health and other documents as required through shipping agencies prior to arrival. Details of Chinese Crew/Passengers and other nationalities along with their embarkation date and place must be recorded in the Maritime Declaration of Health.

-          All the Ships which have touched any port in China or Hong Kong or are likely to touch any port in China and coming to MPT or Panaji should be made aware of the Novel Coronavirus and its effects by E-mail by the respective agents.

-          Any vessel coming from Chinese ports or Hong Kong to be reported to Port Health Department and Captain of Ports 96 hours prior arrival to Panaji Port for permission to enter.

-          Port Health will deal with such vessels and Crew as per their requirement and direction.

-          A self-declaration form for arriving crew and passengers to be furnished in advance.

-          A Certificate is required from the Vessels Master or Doctor to the effect that none of the Crew Members ol Passengers have visited the affected countries and not suffering from any flu or Fever.

Paradip Port Department, 27 January 2020

-          All port authorities and stakeholders are informed to focus more on the passengers/crews of vessels reaching Paradip within 28 days of the last port of call being any Chinese Port, Ports of Southeast Asian Countries or Port of any affected country.

-          Ship masters are urged to report specific information about all crews on board to Harbor Master/Chief Medical Officer through shipping agencies. Daily surveillance report will be submitted to the district level as well as the state level.

-          On arrival at the Paradip Sea, all vessels will receive daily calls/visit from Paradip Port Trust to ask the crew’s health status for the day.

-          Masters are requested to self-monitor for development of symptoms suggestive of nCoV, i.e. fever and cough, within 28 days from the date of departure from nCoV affected countries.

-          In case of getting symptoms (fever and cough), put on a face mask immediately, restrict outdoor movement and contact Steamer Agent/HM/CMO of Paradip Port, during stay at the Paradip Port.

-          If the symtom worsens, port health officers will help coordinate and transfer the ill person to desinated hospital or higher centers for isolation and treatment.

Jawaharlal Nehur Port Trust (JNPT) Medical Department, 26 January 2020

-          All foreign vessels touching countries affected by 2019-nCoV China should inform HM through email about crews suspected of coronavirus infected with details like Name, Nationality, Age, Sex, Symtoms, History of previous visit etc.

-          On getting information HM allows pratique to vessels without any sick person. If suspected sickness reported, HM does not allow shore permit and informs PHO & CMO.

-          The crew disembarking from corona borne areas is to be examined by PHO JNPT, having following symptoms: common cold, tiredness, joint pain, fever, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, respiratory distress renal failure and death in severe cases and diarrhoea in some cases.

-          The PHO in consultation with the immigration & CISF is requested to directly refer such case to identified hospitals. The logistic support such as ambulance will be provided from JNPT hospital for shifting these patients. If required, disposable caps, masks, hand sanitizers and thermal scan will be provided to PHO.

KOLKATA Port Trust

-          24 hours before arrival at Sandheads, Master of all Foreign going vessels destined to go to KDS/HDC should inform HM(R)/HM(P) respectively through e-mail undertaking that “No Crew member/passenger have a travel history to Wuhan city/other affected areas within the past 14 days. No one is suffering from any symptoms suggestive of Novel Corona Virus illness i.e. Acute onset of Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath”. A copy of the undertaking to be forwarded to Port Health Officer as well.

-          In case of suspected sickness, Master of the vessel should keep the patient in an isolated place and inform the agent of the vessel to arrange for Immigration and shifting of the patient to Infectious Diseases Hospital after the vessels arrival at the berth, in consultation with PHO and CMO in a dedicated ambulance with staff wearing PPE.

Mormugao Traffic Dept, 29 January 2020

Cruise Vessels

-          Shipping Agent/Master of Vessels to submit all documents related to crew and passengers regarding their travel to/from the affected country (China) and other South-east Asian countries.

-          The information shall be provided for each vessel and should be as per guidelines of Ministry of Health issued from time to time.

-          For the passengers who have visited China in the last 1 month, shore excursions will not be allowed.

-          For the passengers showing symptoms of virus, no excursion to be allowed. Howerver if required, such passengers shall be taken to the designated hospital. In severe cases, patients/passengers to be referred to higher centres.

Cargo Vessels

-          Vessel Agent/Master of Foreign vessels coming from countries affected by 2019-nCoV shall inform HM/PHO through email about crews suspected case of infection with details like Name, Nationality, Age, Sex, Symptoms and etc.

-          If no sick person is reported by the Vessel Agent/Master, HM shall allow Pratique to the vessel.

-          Shipping Agent/Master of Vessel shall also submit a declaration to the PHO regarding the suspected sickness, if any, of the crew or passenger.

-          PHO to scrutinize the list and will board the vessel before other agencies, if suspected sickness is declared by Shipping Agent or Master of Vessel.

-          If suspected sickness is reported, such passengers shall not be allowed to land on the shore.

-          On getting above information, Vessel agent shall arrange to shift the sick person to isolation facility if such Hospital as directed by the PHO/CMO, MPT.

-          Pilot will board the vessel with PPE on all vessels originating from China or South-east Asia and also report, if any symptomatic patient is reported on board.

-          In case of any suspected sickness of crews, if confirmed by PHO, such crew members shall be referred to a Hospital as directed by the PHO/CMO, MPT.

-          For crew members, who have visited in the last one month, no shore excursions will be allowed.

-          For crew members showing symptoms of the virus, no excursion to be allowed and if required to the taken to a Hospital as directed by the PHO/CMO, MPT.

-          For a vessel coming from China, with Chinese crew, no shore permits shall be issued.

-          For vessels coming from China,with non-Chinese crew, such crew to be screened for symptoms and shore permit to be issued to crew members who does not have any symptoms of sickness.

PHO Tuticorin, 30 January 2020

-          The Ship Master are to submit the required documents by email 3 days before arrival through shipping agents, including Maritime Declaration of Health, Port of Call List, Crew List (with port and date of Embarkation), medical log copy for the last 1 month, any shore medical visit in the last 1 month and Ship Sanitation Exemption Certificate/Medicine Chest Certificate.

-          All ships calling from Chinese Ports are to give temperature charting report taken twice daily 2 days prior to their arrival in Cochin Port by email.

-          All newly joined crew from 2019-nCoV affected countries are to be monitored on board for 14 days.

-          If the crew develop any signs and symptoms of 2019-nCoV virus, the crew are to be isolated on board in their cabin and take Radio-Medical Advice or report to nearest Port Health Authority for help.

-          The ship must have adequate stock of 3 layered surgical masks, hand sanitizer, PPE’s kit, Bio Hazard Bags for safe disposal of masks, PPE’s kits and bio-medical wastes.

-          Restrict non-essential visitors to the ship, and all shore visitors are to be restricted to meeting room only.

-          Keep record of all the visitors and Port Official who have boarded the ships.

n  Pakistan

-          No ships/conveyance shall be permitted its entry within the Pakistan’s Port territory unless the ship operator provides an undertaking of not having any diseased person having sign & symptoms of novel coronavirus.

-          No person on board is allowed to move to the off shores until clearance from Port Health Department is obtained.

-          No personnel shall be permitted in deck areas without wearing disposable mask and gloves.

-          No personnels from any agency should be allowed to get on board of the ships/conveyance without proper protective measures irrespective of China bound.voyaged ships or other.

-          Concerned F.I.A/Immigration are hereby advised to not to issue any Shore Leave Pass to any personnel an board without health clearance from PHO till further orders.

-          The Pakistan Customs are hereby advised to check pre-loading health measures certificate for cargo.

-          No Custom examination of cargo should carry out without proper health measures done under the supervision of Port Health Authorities.

-          All second hand goods must be sprayed and certified by PHO.

-          No infected or suspected ship/conveyance shall be permitted for berthing without health measures and shall be isolated at outer anchorage.

Source: Port Health Establisment, Karachi, 1 February 2020

n  Bangladesh

Chittagong Port Authority 2020.1.30

-          All the Shipping Agents will have to provide information stating that “Ship’s Master and his Crew members are free from Coronavirus” at the time of giving declaration of arrival of the vessel.

-          The Habour Master Radio Control will confirm the information with Ship’s Master on arrival of the vessel at outer anchorage and then will record the same in the “Fresh Arrival Book”.

Source: Bangladesh Correspondent JF&CPA

n  Sri Lanka

-          There is so far no Quarantine period for vessels calling any port of Sri Lanka,  and the vessels will be given berthing clearance based on the Quarantine division clearance.

-          Vessels Agents are required to obtain information and report to the Port Health Officer (prior to the vessels calls) from the vessels if the vessels have called Ports in countries with very high risk of coronavirus infection within the past 14 days or if there are crew/passengers with flu like symptoms. This status report is required to be submitted 12 hours prior VESSELS calling/berthing in order for the Port Health Officials to take precautionary measures.

-          All crew members disembarking from vessels/arriving to embark vessels via Air, are required to complete individual Health Declaration Forms. However for Passenger ships it will be a general declaration form.

-          There is no restriction for injured/ill crew members to disembark, provided that the Health Declaration Forms are filled prior vessels arrival and submitted to the Port Health Officer through the Agent for the PHO approval.

Source: Sri Lanka Correspondent GAC Shipping

Port of Galle, 26 January 2020

In addition to guidelines given by the relevant authorities, following procedures are implemented at Port of Galle until further notice:

-          SL NAVY will issue security permits after receiving Port Health recommendations. The bigger ships will inspect at outer anchorage, OPL boats will inspect at New pier at their berth and yachts on new pier corner before enter yacht marina.

-          Advice Captains/Masters of ships/vessels/yachters to wear mask on every person on arrival to the Port.

-          Inform Port Health Office if any suspected person of having features of infection.

-          Please provide and fill health declaration form on each and every passenger/crew member on sea Marshall on disembarkation and produce it to Port Health Office.

-          Please keep disembarking persons in the isolation point in front of PHO until completion of total process.



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