CPI Hosts 2019 International P&I Insurance and CPI Development Exchange


From 6 to 7 November, CPI hosted the “2019 International P&I Insurance and CPI Development Exchange” in Shanghai. This event is part of the series of commemorative events in celebration of CPI’s 35th Anniversary. Former CPI senior managers and colleagues Mr. Wang Yugui, Mr. Hu Jingwu, Mr. Fan Qingping, Mr. Wei Ming, Mr. Lin Yuanmin; CPI former board member Mr. Jin Zhongming; Steamship Mutual Executive Chairman Mr. Gary Rynsard, Chief Executive of Steamship Mutual Hong Kong Branch Mr. Rohan Bray; Skuld Senior Vice President & Counsel Mr. Jonathan Hare, Chief Executive of Skuld Hong Kong Branch Mr. Patrick Wang; IG Secretariat Member Mr. David Baker, Steamship Mutual Director of Claims Ms. Sue Watkins; Partner of Hai Tong & Partners Mr. Greg Yang; CPI Managing Director Dr. Song Chunfeng, CPI Deputy Managing Director Mr. Liu Yutong, CPI Deputy Managing Director Mr. Gong Xiqian and relevant personnel attended the series of events.



During the series of events, guests exchanged views on the international shipping industry, marine insurance and pressing topics of the moment, in which they unanimously agreed that all parties should increase communications in the interest of shipowners. Meanwhile, CPI reached many consensus with the parties present in terms of continuing partnerships, deepening business exchanges and co-operations. Former senior managers, colleagues and old friends of CPI affectionately reviewed and shared memories of the 35-year history of CPI, and highly praised the development of CPI over the past couple of years with its new achievements and fresh images.



The managers of CPI warmly welcomed the attendees, with a special “thank you” to the former senior managers, colleagues and friends of CPI, in which the current managers will always be grateful for their historical contributions, as well as express heart-felt gratitude towards CPI’s domestic and international partners for their long-term support and care. CPI will never forget its origin and will always upkeep its core value of putting members’ needs first and continue to support the development of the shipping industry both at home and from abroad. The support of the former senior managers, colleagues and friends of CPI will always be invaluable. CPI will continue its future endeavours and strive for the highest standard, as well as further improve service to all members, and provide incessant support for the development of the maritime industry.



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