CPI and SSM Hosts 2019 International Sanctions Seminar


On 18 March 2019, CPI and Steamship Mutual jointly hosted the “2019 International Sanctions Seminar” at the North Bund Shipping Service Centre. Representatives from the Clubs’ Members who are interested in the topics and other relevant personnel attended the seminar. CPI’s Managing Director Dr. Song Chunfeng was in attendance as well.


Steamship Mutual’s Head of Claims Mr. Charles Brown made an overview of international sanctions and how it affected the shipping industry. The Director of Legal Services Mr. Sacha Patel and Head of Claims, Eastern Syndicate & Head of FDD Mr. Malcolm Shelmerdine gave presentations, addressing hot topics surrounding sanctions, including countries that are subject to sanctions, Sanctions Related laws and regulations, Sanctions Risk, as well as means to conduct background checks and due diligence. With great interest, all participants discussed some very specific issues in depth after the presentations and believed that the seminar gives great bearings in the shipping industry. 


With the escalation of US sanctions against Iran, participants realized that they should take into account the multiplicity of sanctionable practices committed in their routine operations and how any sanctionable activity could significantly impact their operations. CPI and Steamship Mutual have been international business partners for over two decades, for the first time the two Clubs hosted a joint seminar for the Club’s members. The seminar was successful because it addressed issues of high concern in the world today – the topics are highly targeted, more specific and practical.




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