34th Meeting of CPI Board H&M Committee in Jiamusi


The 34th Meeting of CPI Board H&M Committee convened in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang from 9 to 10 August 2018. H&M Committee Chairman and Associated Maritime Company (Hong Kong) Ltd. Managing Director Mr. Zhang Baoliang attended and hosted the meeting.

CPI Managers briefed on the 2017 H&M Insurance Annual Report and work progress for the first half of the 2018 year, updates on major pending H&M insurance claims, and a special report regarding a member’s recent barge and dock collision case on the inland waters of the United States. H&M committee members, representatives and invitees applauded CPI’s remarkable achievements in overcoming obstacles while continuing to expand business and maintaining underwriting quality in China’s extremely competitive marine insurance market.

Committee directors discussed in detail the US collision case special report and provided professional opinion and advice. As part of the Committee’s overarching objective to expand CPI’s H&M insurance business, the Committee urged the Managers to perfect and build its unique loss prevention service while fully exerting its insurance advantages as shipowners’ very own mutual insurance association.

CPI Board H&M Committee members and their representatives, special invitees, CPI managing director and deputy managing director, as well as CPI H&M Insurance managers attended the meeting.



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