Song Chunfeng and his group attends the opening report of “A study on the services of the China Shipowners Mutual Assurance Association for the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’” at Shanghai Maritime University


The opening report of the project, “A study on the services of the China Shipowners Mutual Assurance Association for the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’”, commissioned by the Association, was held at the Shanghai Maritime University School of Law on the morning of 11 April. Song Chunfeng, the managing director of the Association, attended the opening report on invitation. Professor Yu Shicheng, the former Party Secretary of the SMU, and Professor Wang Guohua, the dean of the school of law, were also present as the chairperson of the report and of the study respectively.


Professor Wang Guohua introduced such aspects of the project as the background, meaning and plan. The experts present and members of the study group reached a consensus that the study should be of practical help to the Association.

Based on this, the study would plan to clarify the characteristics of both the Association and other international P&I clubs so as to advise the Association on its developing path with Chinese characteristics and its services for the “Belt and Road Initiative”.


Mr. Song generally introduced the Association to the study group, and expressed his thanks and expectations. He stressed the significance of the project under the new situation. The Association would keep on advancing the strategy of internationalization, marketization, and specialization, as well as serve more actively the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the building of China’s strength in transportation and maritime, and the construction of Shanghai’s role as an international finance and shipping center of China.


The persons as follows also attended the opening report: Gong Xiqian, deputy managing director of the Association; Zhou Yousheng, claims director of the Association; Jia Peng, general manager of the Department of Strategy and Development of the Association; Professor Shen Qiuming, Professor Xu Guoping, Associate Professor Zhu Tizheng, Associate Professor Yu Yaodong, Lecturer Zheng Rui and some representatives of the doctor students of Shanghai Maritime University School of Law. 



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